C a r p e D i e m

For as long as I could remember,I’ve had a terrible memory. Was there a pun in that sentence?

As a result, I’ve made it a habit to document even seemingly insignificant moments, let it be through writing or photography. But recently, I’ve thought it’d be a shame if these moments were merely for personal memory-keeping.

So I’ve decided to essentially, make this “electronic journal” for the sole purpose of keeping these memories/feelings alive.

I’m almost entirely sure this blog will remain unseen. It’ll be quite a miracle if it’s read by more than two people.

So if you happen to be reading this, I hope something among these posts will emit an emotion from you.

I’ve always been very fond of things that illicit emotions inside of us, those we carry so deeply, those that can only be touched by the arts (music, theater, writing, etc.)

Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

Seize the day!



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