what song’s playing?

it’s like being in a busy mall,

shoulders constantly bumping into each other, collective chatter, various perfumes swirling around you,

& there’s this song with a catchy tune playing through the speakers.

you’re straining to hear it, but you can’t tune out all the noise.

can’t focus on the music, can’t find the lyrics you’re desperately trying to decipher.

& it’s driving you insane.

I think that’s what it’s like for people when they break up with someone they could’ve sworn was their ‘soulmate.’

the answer should be right there in front of your eyes, clear as day.

but you can’t seem to grasp what went wrong,

or perhaps you can.

but maybe there’s far too much noise, too many broken pieces of your fragile heart lying around for you to really focus.

it drives you insane, doesn’t it?


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